Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chapter 20
The Never Started Journey

After a loooong time, I am actually writing some sensible content in the blog. But please dont go by the title. It may sound bit too heavy but I wanted to write about our trip, which we never went. :-)

Yes, you heard right.... A trip which was planned but never executed...... Actually I can recall atleast 10-15 trips before which we planned but never went. The planning for about 8-9 out of them were started by me.(Cannot help... I am a trip enthusiast and others arent, hence fail trying to convince people who are not interested). You would be wondering "What is so special about this trip that is making me write about it?!!!!". Let me briefly explain you about the ongoings of the planning for this trip.

This was a simple idea started off around 1 1/2 months back by Mr.Great Abhi who is leaving to US for his higher studies. So, he wanted to go out of Bangalore atleast once, before he leaves India, with his friends(tht is us). He came up with a brilliant idea about going to Shimla which was instantly objected because of the expense associated with the trip(A poor Brahmin cannot afford all the luxuries of life... Err... I am talking about myself). Now since his idea was rejected not only by me, but by many poor brahmins from my group, we started thinking of other feasible options like Pune/Goa/Dandeli etc. etc.

Pune was finalized for a moment and almost everyone agreed to it. We actually tried looking out for Train tickets and also accommodation. Mind you, this time we started planning early(1 1/2 months is tooo early for us to actually execute the trip successfully). Since Dec was a peak season, we couldnt book train tickets as we were already in Waiting List no 50+. So, dejected, we had to switch to other options life Goa, Kerala, Dandeli etc etc.

Someone in the trip had come up with a brilliant idea of going to Pondicherry as he had been there during last year itseems and he said the place is worth to be visited. Since I hadnt seen that place and I like trying new places, I was okey with it. One more reason was it was nearer to Bangalore and hence travel charges would be less. :-)

Yeah... I forgot to mention. Already 2 rounds of conference calls and 3 rounds of chain mails(to company's ID) and each chain mail having atleast 50 replies associated with it, was already over only to decide which place we are going during Christmas. I brought about the conference calls and chain mails since it has a major role in this episode.

Now back to trip, now our own Hero "Chain Mail" started off again asking people to confirm if they are actually willing to come to trip or not. The list gets added. We had around 20 people at once who were a part of the list. People started confirming or giving their reasons for not coming. All the girls rejected instantly(Good for us - We thought atleast we'll have peace of mind and freedom). People confirmed, and people left. We did not have a final number of those who confirmed. There were people who were in 2 minds.

Mr.Akshay, who is now a quality associate, gave a brief explanation about the process to be followed in planning a trip and he sent out an excel file which either contains "In" or "Out". Yeah, he forgot to think about the effort involved in collating this information. Anyways, none of my business, as I had made my mind not to involve myself in planning this trip as I had already got the name - "the-Failed-planner". Well.... lets talk about how I got that name some other day.

Excel got filled, we found atleast 8 members who were ready for the trip. So, we decided about booking a TT(Tempo Traveller). Well there was a conference call for actually deciding the mode of transport(Either by TT or by Qualis/Tata Sumo). Since TT was finalized in that discussion(since Mr.Sandy had actually enquired about the tariffs associated with TT), we went ahead with it. All these happened 2-3 weeks before the actual day of the trip.

Since everything was finalized, Mr.Sagii(co-ordinator/planner/originator of the chain mail) also got settled down I guess as there was no news about the trip for entire 2 weeks.

Suddenly 1 week before the trip, I saw a reply from Mr.Raghu asking for the status of the trip. I guess, people had actually forgotten about the trip. All of a sudden, chain mails started to flow, conference calls started to happen. People were asked to confirm again, the destination for the trip was also discussed(due to weather conditions), there were loads of phone calls, people started fighting, teasing, discussing all crap things in those meetings(mails and phone calls) except the trip. Now somebody realised they had to book the TT and accommodation as well.

Since there was a confusion between who needs to book the TT, no one did it. But yeah, Thanks to Mr.Sagii who atlast found a TT(bit costly, but nonetheless we had something to travel). So, we asked him to book it. He said he could book the TT, after a few problems. Everyone felt happy that atleast we could go outside Bangalore. Since there were 3-4 seats remaining in the TT, I decided to call on my friends(Mr.PK and Mr.Vicky).

They didnt confirm immediately, but on the day before leaving for the trip, they confirmed which was okey with us. Now, PK and Vicky were already planning about what to do, where all to visit and also about the route to take to Pondi. Suddenly at around 6pm, I get a call from Mr.Sagii in which he says - "Maga... No TT". The story about cancellation goes like this.

Mr.Sagii had only confirmed the TT and he hadnt paid any advance money. TT was already booked by someone else by the time he realised. Now the job was onto us for booking it. I didnt know what to say to PK and Vicky since they were already in a holiday mood and i didnt want to disturb it until it was confirmed that the trip is cancelled.

I started searching for TT from 8pm and roamed around the city like a thirsty crow(couldnt find a better phrase) looking for transport till 10 in the night. There was a friend of mine who was coming from UK (Uttara Kannada) only for this trip and he wasnt sure to cancel his bus or to come to Bangalore as it was Eid on that day and he wanted to spend time with his family who stayed there(if the trip got cancelled) . We tried our best and were unable to find even a single TT in entire Bangalore. There goes our trip. baaaaah!!!!! I expected it, but hadnt expected this would happen in the end moment.

Now, since this trip was cancelled, me, Mr.PK and Mr.Vicky came up with our own trip plan. Go to Pondi in KSRTC. Bus tickets was available but we wanted to ensure we had the accommodation also. I got up early in the morning and started to call almost all the reasonable priced hotels in Pondi. To our bad luck everything was booked. There goes our trip no.2.

What do we do now?!!! We change the trip plan to Mysore hoping we get some accommodation there atleast. PK consults 2 of his friends who suggested him that it is a bad idea to go to Mysore at this point of time since accommodation will be booked during this time itseems. So, there goes trip no.3.

Now we are planning to have another trip. This time a one day trip in our own bikes to ensure we dont have to book a TT or for accommodation. I dont know when chain mails and conference calls will start to happen for this.

I only touched upon the major happenings during the planning. There were several parts during the planning stages which made it even more special. I dont want to discuss about those things since those are out of context. I guess atleast whatever I have written was interesting to you.

Friday, December 21, 2007

After a loooooooooong time, I am updating my blog. Thanks to the questionnaire which gave me something to write.

I found this new questionnaire from which I reveals my sci-fi personality. According to it, I am supposed to be a Aragorn.

Well, I would like to read out the characteristics of being an Aragorn. -

Putting your appointed path ahead of any inner conflicts, you make your own rules for the benefit of all.

If my life or death I can protect you, I will.

Aragorn is a character in the Middle-Earth universe. There is a description of him at

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chapter 18
What If????

I think I wrote enough about my personal things. In this post, lemme write something totally rubbish, not related to me, nor anyone. Anyways, all my posts are mere rubbish, this one is totally crap. Read at your own risk. Just one of my creations. Here it goes.

The topic of discussion is "What if we had a License for marriage". What would be the situation, and what would be the consequence.

If there was a license for marriage, then we shud stand in a long queue to first of all get that. Do we have to produce address proof, date of birth, marital status confirmation documents(now tht rules and interests are fast changing, there might be need of this too) for that? How will you judge a person for giving the license? What will be in the physical fitness round - whether is he/she capable of handling things in err..... you know what???? And how do they judge it? What would be the ideal age of providing them the license ofcourse?

After somehow aquiring a license, how long is it valid? Do we have to struggle again and again to renew it? How will it be to check each other's license when the bride and groom meet each other. Do they have to carry their license all the way to their honeymoon? Do he and she show their licenses in their honeymoon if something goes wrong? What if the couple decide to go abroad? Do they have to take new licenses again?

This might soon be reality. I say this because you need license to everything in these days, driving needs license, there's license to kill, keeping a pet also needs license. I think if the day comes, I shud file a patent for this idea. As even yoga postures have been patented, why not this.

Thus came to an end of completely rubbish discussion. I know the reader will stop reading my next posts after reading this. Thank you for your invaluable time.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Chapter 17
Trip to Shimoga

This was the best of the 3 trips. Reason, it was more adventuresome.

Had a great fight at home only to get permission for the trip. Atlast, got my bags packing and left for Busstand. Caught the bus at around 11:45. When waiting for the bus, met 2 new friends who had accompanied us on the trip - Mapi and Adi. Others were Chubby, Sibin, Karthik Sr., Kishore and myself on a mission to conquer the peak of Kodachaadri. So, our journey started off on 11:45 on 27th Apr night. We were laughing all the while in the bus cracking PJs. We were specialists in that. We reached Shimoga at around 6am. Journey was pretty tiresome. Then we thought of having our breakfast and then leave to a place called Nagara where we had booked a forest guest house.

We couldnt find a decent hotel anywhere near busstand at 6am and had to settle with some khaakha hotel. After that we got to know about the bus which leaves to Nagara from some locals. The bus was pretty much crowded when we left Shimoga. Nagara is a place outside Shimoga which is around 75kms from Shimoga. They said it was around 2 hours journey by bus. So, the bus left at 8:30. We had to stand in the crowded bus. Wow man..... It looks like that they show in some movies, completely packed with people, people sitting on top of the bus and enjoying the drive. After a struggle of 3 hours, we finally got a place to sit for however short period the leftover journey was. We got to sit for only 15 mins. We thought the journey from Bangalore to Shimoga was tiring, that was nowhere near to the strain we underwent in this journey. It was 3 hour long stress. We got down and directly went straight into some bench kept in the busstop and slept there. It was that tiresome. Only then I got to know about my mobile. Shit!! I lost it in the bus. We tried our best to track it down but in vain. This was the only bitter part in the whole of my trip.

Then we moved into forest guest house and thanks to that forest ranger who helped us a lot in the entire trip organising places to visit, arranging food, accompanying us etc etc. Atlast we were provided some beds to rest our body. It had gained so much potential energy just standing in tht crowded bus. We then waited for the first person who gets up and starts getting ready.. No one was in a mood to take bath, ofcourse, everyone wanted to rest. After a loooong wait, Aditya went to bath. Then everybody else followed. After getting ready, we were dropped to some hotel around 3 kms from the guest house.

I hadnt described the guest house right. It was somewhere in the midst of jungle. Pretty close was some deserted house which looked scary even at day times. The entire forest area was inhabited by naxalites(that is what forest rangers claimed). Man, we were pretty lucky, we didnt meet any(Or rather should I say, they were lucky?). The guest house was in an island. There was only one road which led to this guest house and it was surrounded by a beautiful river. We fell in love with this place at the first sight itself.

Coming back to the trip, we had our lunch and left for Mani Dam. Dam was beautiful. Spent sometime over there, got to know how electricity is being generated. And left to visit a water fall. We reached some highway by around 5:00. The supposed to be water fall was on the footpath of the highway. That waterfall was quite huge but if there was some water, then it would have been better. It seemed like tap water flowing from hilltop.

We tried to climb the steep hill using the roots and rocks. Sibin and Mapi did it successfully but I dont know what they were. Spidermen or something?!!! Mapi is real spiderman. Clings onto anything and everything.. climbs everything... never gets tired... I dont know the secret behind his energy.. But hats off to his skill. He climed onto a steep rock.. Almost 90 degrees to ground very easily. I still dont understand how he could manage to do it.

Coming back to climbing the water fall hill. Sibin and Mapi had almost climbed up and were out of sight and also werent responding to our calls. Me and Chubby had started a rescue mission and starting to climb the hill. Rescue mission because, we had heard enough of Naxalite stories over there and were worried about the naxalites ofcourse ;-) God should have saved them if they had met Sibin. After we started rescue mission, we heard Adi calling us and said Sibin was not worth the rescue mission and asked us to get down. We got down and waited for them in the road. After around 30 mins of waiting, we saw them running down the road. They had actually reached the top of the road.

We then left back for guest house. Just then it started to rain light showers. We reached guest house and it was damn beautiful sight. Sunset was awesome and also to see the lightning in the twilight was amazing. No words actually to describe the scene. Sibin and Mapi had gone to town to get ball and some snacks. So, rest of us sat outside, enjoyed the nature and started cracking jokes, talking about our school days etc etc. It was fun. Then we walked to the town after Sibin and Mapi came back to have food. This was after the drinks break ofcourse ;-).

We walked to only decent hotel which was in the town and somewhere close to 4 kms from guest house in the dark. We came across 2-3 deserted houses. They looked damn creepy during night. We finally reached hotel. Had our food, came back to the guest house and slept. Everyone were damn tired. Everyone slept like a log.

Day 2
We got up at around 6:00 am. Man, I had the best night's sleep in previous night. Got ready by around 7:30 am and left for kodachaadri. We had our breakfast and then left for kodachaadri - around 40 kms from guest house. We reached the place by around 8:30. Started our trek instantly. The path which led to tht peak was very dusty and it was too steep. Because of the dust, we thought of going midst jungle. Actually we got lost once or twice. It was hot sun. The place was dusty. No signs of water, no one around. It was really difficult for us. And on top of this, it was 120 degrees steep, and we had to go on like this for 9 kms.

The place was quite slippery as well. After a long trek of around 3 hours 30 mins, we reached the top. Thanks to those cab drivers who gave us some water inbetween. We were totally exhausted and also dehydrated. We got some place to sleep. Water was superb. It almost tasted like amruta at that moment for us. Some people suggested one more trek place which was around 2 kms from tht place. But me and karthik preferred to stay back. They returned at around 3:30. We had our food and then we booked a cab to go down. No one had tht much stamina to go down walking again. I didnt have any.

So, we reached the car, which was waiting for us at around 4:15 and we left for some place where we could take bathe. He took us to some temple which had a beautiful pond. I played with water till it was time. Time for me to get back home. I had chosen to come back on Sun and they had planned to continue their trip as it was holiday for them. I had office the next day. :-(
So, I bid farewell to them and wished them so that they have a great trip and came back to Nagara. From there same old 3 hour crowded jorney, same old bus, but only difference is tht I dint have a mobile to loose.

I reached Shimoga at 10 and had my dinner, met my colleague there. And more to good news, he was a proud father on the same day. Good for him. Came back to bangalore at 5am. and got back home at around 5:30. slept for a while and then had to run to office. That whole day I was dozing off at my desk as I hadnt had enough sleep for 2 days. Thus came to and end of my story.
Hope you enjoyed reading it.
Chapter 16
Trip to ooty

My college friends decided to go on some trip anywhere on earth just to get their minds diverted from the projects. They chose ooty for some reason. So, planning, preparation and execution was done in 3 days, not like my previous trip. I confirmed that I will be coming on that trip just 1 hour before the departure, had to make up a lot of stories to get permission from home. We finally left for ooty. For the benefit of my friends who read my blog, i'll make this short, not like my previous post.

We were 7 of us, Tan, Abhi, Su, Sagy, Rash, Raghu and myself who left to ooty at around 10 pm on a friday night in a cab. We had a cup of tea in some khakha shop near mysore, and had a great drive till ooty. Man, the roads were quite pathetic. We reached the place at around 4am and as we hadnt booked any accomodation, we had to sleep in the cab till some rooms get checked out. At 4 am in the morning, in the freezing cold, you cant expect us to roam around searching for hotel rooms. We tried our best but in vain. So, decided to sleep in the cab itself.

We then got up at around 7:30 and then went to hunt the rooms. Atlast we found one. The condition of the room was very bad and there was only one 2 bed room available without hot water and the cost was also too much. Somehow managed to do our morning duties in that beautiful room, played some cards and then left in search of other room. Atlast we found a pretty good rooms for 7 of us, booked it and left for Pykara lake. We reached the lake at around 12pm, the view was superb although the water was polluted.

Then we left for Pykara falls. The same water was flowing down - I am referring to the polluted water, but who cares as long as you can play in it right!!! We stayed there for some 1 hour and then had our lunch. Guess what our food was - Watermelon. :-) Had to sustain with it as there was nothing else available worth eating. Then we left for Doddabetta which is supposed to be the highest peak in ooty. View was simply outstanding and to add to the beauty, the weather was romantic. We were all cursing ourselves as we had didnt have girl friends. :-( Did some horse riding over there and waited for the sunset.

So, stayed there till the dark and then left back to our rooms. Reached to our new rooms and then watched TV for a while, and then went out for dinner. We separated because some people wanted non-veg food. So, they went in search of a non-veg restaurant and us in search of a veg restaurant. We got a decent hotel with a first class food, we liked the food - a typical Gujrati food, and then ate an icecream. Came back to hotel, watched TV for a while and then slept nicely.

Got up early next morning, left for Coonur tea estate. The sight was simply amazing. We visited a tea factory where we were served tea. I had never tasted better tea ever before in my life. I thought of gulping the whole of vessel then and there itself. We left tea factory and then left for coonur garden, spent some time playing mafia over there and then left for bangalore at around 5pm. We had our dinner at around 11pm in some dhaba outside Mysore, and then reached bangalore at around 2pm. It was pretty tiresome trip.

Then I got down as I had almost reached my house. I packed my bags, just then my friends asked my to wait. They had bought a beautiful gift for me. It was a crystal kind of glass with a swan embosed in it. Got bumps from Tannu though. Bidding adieu to them, reached my house and had a nice sleep tht night. Thus came to the end of Trip 2.

Next Post - Trip to Shimoga

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Chapter 15
Trip to Kemmangundi

This was first of the 3 trips which I had been recently. I had almost spent 3 weekends on
trips itself. This trip was with my teammates in my previous company. You all should be knowing by now that I shifted the company recently.

About the trip
Preparation: I was chosen the leader to organise the trip to ooty(planned before). There
were 2 other people whom I have to thank for their constant support in helping me organise
the trip. I forgot to mention - I was the Fun lead in that company. For those of you who
dont know what the hell is Fun lead, we are the people who take complete responsibilty of
easing the work stress of the entire team. Not to be confused with "Jokers". Back to the
trip topic. We started planning(almost prepared draft) a month ago from the actual day - man
being software engineers su**s. We were made to run around whole of bangalore to book
travels, arrange food etc. Organising a trip for software officials is a pain. And whoever
want to do that, my sincere advice is that please drop that idea.

After all that pain, it was almost finalised and the day had come when we about to leave to
ooty. Final suggestions, final advices, things to carry etc were being discussed when
suddenly we got to know that there was a state wide bundh being announced in Tamil Nadu on
the day we were leaving. So, what do we do???????? We changed the whole trip plan to
Kemmangundi(near Chikmagalur) in 2 hours flat. We could draft out the places, get the
accomodation, travels etc. within 3 hours.

Execution:Time had come when we left for Kemmangundi. I got the bus from depot and we went to the place of departure. We saw people waiting over there. My manager was quite happy with our efforts. I had got my bike to office and didnt know where to keep the helmet. So, asked
my manager if I cud place my helmet in his car. I kept in a brand new white Maruti Zen car.

And then we left the place at around 10:30. Atlast we started the trip. Thank God, my job
was almost done.

We played Anthakshari, Dumb charades etc etc inside the bus. This went on till everyone were
tired and soon fell asleep. We reached Chikmagalur at around 5 a.m. It was pitch dark,
weather was very chill, we straightaway went into the rooms. There, we caught up with one
more drama. My PM was dissatisfied with the ambience of the rooms. He decided not to stay in
that room and we were not getting any rooms anywhere else. Man.. You should adjust
sometimes. I was completely pissed off by his action.It was a peak season and there were no
rooms available in the entire district and my PM, in 5 am, wanted us to look out for rooms
in other place. We somehow managed to get a decent room for him and we decided to stay there
in the same place.

Bababudangiri Hill Top

The Jeep drive to Bababudangiri

We got ready, had our breakfast and left to Bababudangiri hills. The place was quite good,
but pretty hot, would have been great if we had gone there on Monsoon season. The road which
lead to Bababudangiri hills and Kemmangundi were pathetic but hats off to the driver who
made it look easy. We then left to Kemmangundi and there we had our lunch. We decided to
trek down to Hebbe falls which is around 8 kms from Kemmangundi. My Tech lead also decided
to trek down inspite of his back problems. It took around 2 hours for us to reach that
place. It was the most beautiful falls I had ever seen. The water was freezing. We were
pretty suprised to see water at almost 2 degrees even in summer. We played there in the cold
water till it got dark. Then we trekked back to the place where cab was waiting. Actually I
forgot to mention, only half of crowd had trekked down and other half had chosen to take the
jeep. So, while going back everyone were so damn tired that we all agreed to take the jeep.
There were only 2 jeeps available and 8 of us thought of waiting for the jeep to drop the
rest and come back.Hebbe Falls

It was pitch dark, in the midst of the jungle, a haunted hut right next to us, and people
talking about scary things, uff... it was damn scary. We also had a dare that someone should
go inside the hut. But no one had the guts to go. It was a memorable moment. Infact this was
the only memorable moment. Atlast the jeep arrived. We got back to the bus and we had our
dinner, reached our rooms at around 1 am.

Next day, we got up, got ready, had our breakfast, left for Belur which has a famous temple.
The architechture of this place is simply superb. You should hire a guide and get to
know the speciality of the temple. The place is worth visiting. This temple took around 100
years to get completed according to history. And their efforts are simply outstanding.

We left the place at around 3pm and had our lunch in some hotel on the way to Bangalore. We
reached back at around 8pm. Atlast or should I say Alas! the trip was over. I asked my PM's
car key so that I could take my helmet. Remember, I mentioned, tht about the white Maruti
Zen where I kept my helmet, my PM said his car was maruti Esteem and not Maruti Zen. Fu**, I kept my helmet in the wrong car, and I couldnt find that car anywhere near that place too.
Anyways, there is always a sad ending to a great story. Thus came to an end to the story of
trip to Kemmangundi.

Next post - Trip to ooty

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This was a forced post... One of my friend had tagged me. So, had to fill this.

Three things that scare me:
1. Thinking about my future.
2. Thinking about my past.
3. My neighbour
Three people who make me laugh:
1. Paresh Rawal
2. My college friends
3. Mirror
Three things I love:
1. Bikes
2. Babes
3. Bhel Puri
Three things I hate:
1. Irritating characters
2. Asking personal things
3. Backbiting
Three things I don’t understand:
1. Ladki junta. Self explainatory. ;-) (Agree with Strider)
2. Whats so special in innovation
3. How does Hrithik manage to hold the spoon with 6 fingers!!!!
Three things on my desk:
1. Computer
2. Headphones
3. My head, banging on the desk
Three things I’m doing right now:
1. Listening to Tera bin nahin lagta by Nushrat Fateh Ali Khan
2. Updating my blog
3. chatting with my friend
Three things I want to do before I die:
1. Marry
2. ***** ;-)
3. Have kids.
Three things I can do:
1. Smile
2. Make people smile
3. Crack absolutely wierd jokes.
Three things you should listen to:
1. Linkin Park
2. What boss says
3. To your innerself
Three things you should never listen to:
1. Parents ;-)
2. Bura math suno as suggested by 3rd monkey of Gandhi
3. Me ofcourse
Three things I’d like to learn:
1. Programming
2. Swimming
3. All adventerous sport escpecially river rafting.
Three favourite foods:
1. Pani Poori - all time favorites
2. Salad (Fruit / veg)
3. Pizzas
Three beverages I drink regularly:
1. Coffee - Hot and cold
2. Boost
3. Badam
Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid:
1. Ishq Vishq Pyar Vyar - Used to come in DD2 - story of 4 eligible bachelors trying to impress some girls who used to come to dance class near their office
2. Dekh Bhai Dekh - A complete hilarious serial.
3. Asterix and Obelix series, Tintin series. - crazy about them

I guess I am done with it.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

One of my friend's comments after reading the blog

as far as wat i ve read
i think u love ur frnz.. u ve been thro some crazy shit in life, n ur frnz hav been ther for u.. u jus feel tht they helped u define urself
thtz point #1

secondly, u r open, and u jus dont care wat other ppl think about u, cuz u know u can never say anythin 2 hurt some1 intentionally, n if u ever do, u jus make sur eu make tht person feel better
thtz point #2

u can adapt urself 2 any1... from roger fedrer, 2 micheal schumacher 2 a kabbadi player, as in, u hav the natur ein u which helpz u adapt urself 2 diverse ppl in ur life

thtz point #3

lastly, i think u r the type of aperson who can think from an other person's point of view. and u r decent humble and u wanna be honest no matter wat. u believe in ethics and u can go 2 *'ANY' * extent 2 help ur frnz

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chapter Ten contd.
Yana Trip Day-Two

We got up at around 6 a.m in the morning. Actually we were forced to wake up at 6 a.m. We had to finish our morning duties near the seashore itself as there were no public toilets nearby. This was fun. We roamed around in search of a place which was quite far from the other person. I know it was quite disgusting, but we couldnt expect anything more from them too.

We were ready at around 8.00 a.m in the morning and as soon as we had our breakfast left for Yana. It was around 60 km from that Dhareshwar. While going to Yana, one of the Buses tyre got punctured and we were forced to walk for around 5 km. We were all tired from the previous day's trek and we were asked to go to Yana by walk, and on top of it, the weather was quite sunny. But i loved to walk in that road. It was quite beautiful with so much greenery around you which you would never think of it while you are in Bangalore. So, after a tiresome walk for around 90 mins, we reached the place. The place simply awestrucked me. I was standing there with my jaws wide open watching the beauty of the rocks. The rock formation from volcanic eruptions just amazed me. Wow!!!! I said. Moved near the rocks to have a closer look. I just stood there stunned lookin at the beauty of the rocks. I watched the rocks in almost all the possible angles but I felt like looking at it. I guess even a lady wont be that beautiful. This is called the beauty of the nature.

We were there till 2o'clock in the afternoon and we left for OM Beach. The coolest place in Karnataka. For those of you who don't know the specialty of OM Beach, then read this - It is a portion of Florida which had been attached to karnataka coast which hosts lots and lots of foreigners year round. Beautiful babes in BIKINIS hang out in hot sun. So, heaven on coast ;-)
As soon as I saw beautiful babes, I took out my camera to shoot the beauties of nature.... But BEEEEEP the camera sounded. Shit!!!!! The battery was low...... Nothing could be done about it. So, I had to only take the photo in my memories.... :-( ...... OK.. Back to the story.....
To remind you the occasion, it was 31st Dec. So, more babes in the beach. We all stood there staring at people and grasping the beauty of nature. ;-) Guys and girls, please dont misunderstand - we were comparing some of the coastal beauties with the beauty of Yana.

Hmm.... We went to a hotel near the seashore and we all had a great meal on the new year's eve. Had a drink and enjoyed the night. But, our happiness and the joy we were having in OM Beach was spoilt by the trip organiser. He had already booked for dinner at a hotel near Dhareshwar Beach and we all were supposed to go there and have our new year celebration in that beach. So, disheartened, we left for Dhareshwar beach. And by the time we reached the hotel, it was 12 a.m. Shit!!!!! Was the reaction. We hugged each other and wished each other feeling dissappointed that we had to leave that pretty place and celebrate the new year in a hotel. Anyways, the new year was welcomed by all of us. We tried to burn the crackers in vain because it refused to lighten up. We boarded the bus at around 12:30 in the night saying goodbye to a memorable trip.

In the journey, we played Dumb Charades and had lots of fun. We reached Bangalore at around 11 a.m. Wished adieu to all the great friends who were so friendly with me, who never reacted with me as a stranger, even though I was a stranger to them, who treated me equally as one among themselves and who are still in contact with me. I really thank them for a wonderful trip.
That was the end of the story.

Thats all folks.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chapter Ten
Yana Trip

As promised, I am writing about my experiences in the Yana trip.

Me and one of my colleague - Karthik who is supposed to a very good friend of mine decided to go to this awesome place. Actually it was Karthik's plan and he was going with his friends. He called me because I was desperate for going out anywhere, anytime, anyhow with anyone. So, off we left to Yana.

On Dec 29th the departure was planned to be around 7:30 p.m from Bangalore. I was in office till 5.30p.m stuck at fixing some Bug. Karthik called me at 5.00 and said tht the departure was preponed to 7.00p.m and I had to rush home leaving the buf unfixed. I still hadnt packed my luggage. Actually I had to buy a travel bag. So, in a hurry, bought a bag for 1000Rs. and stuffed whatever I could find or whatever my mom brought from my cupboard and the packing was done in flat 10 mins. I rushed to Majestic where I had to board the bus. I went there only to find no-one. Karthik had come and was with his friends. They were wonderful people. Very friendly and accepted me as their friend as soon as I met them.

I met Akshay, Nema, Rohit, Raghu, Spoorthi, Poonam, Chaithali and Deepak. All were wonderful people to be with, cheerful, having ready-to-mingle, i-am-friendly-you-dont-worry kind of attitude.

Back to the bus story - We all had come there by around 7:30 and we waited for the bus for a long time. I got to know each of them in the mean time. The bus arrived at 9:30. We had to run around a lot in search of the bus. Actually it was a TT. We boarded the TT and left for Yana. We had a great time in the TT discussing about various things, teasing some of the people, listening to music. We stopped in Sagar at around 5 a.m in the morning. It was a wonderful place but the weather was very chilly. Everybody were shivering in the cold. It was like 10-12 Degrees. We somehow managed to do the morning part of work. I almost drank 5 cups of coffee to come out of the cold weather. Then we saw the 30th Dec sunrise in Sagar and left there by 7 o'clock. Had breakfast near the banks of the river Aghanashini.

Then we left for Unchalli Falls which was around 50 kms from there. We reached there at around 9:30 a.m and after walking for around 1 km, we saw one of the amazing waterfall. It was falling from a height of around 200 feet. It was a gorgeous sight to watch. We then decided to go down to the bottom of the falls. Nobody had any clue of the route which would take us there. So, trusting a guy who showed us a route, we all started trekking. The path which we took was becoming more dangerous as we walked. It was a very steep hill which had a narrow path. Thanks to my Woodlands Shoes, I reached safely after trekking for around 90 mins. After reaching to the bottom, watched a fast flowing river and a very faint sight of the waterfall. I still had to walk for another 30 mins to actually reach the base of the waterfall. But I had no energy left in me. So, played around for some time and at 12 o'clock we had to climb back to reach the TT. This was more difficult than I actually thought. I had to collect all my energy to push the 75kg heavy body of mine. Finally I reached to top after a tiresome trek for 2 hours.

We were all dead tired. Thanks to the corporate world which snatched all our stamina in 6 months time. We got to the top, drank some cool drinks to refresh ourself and after 30mins of rest, we left the place to go to Yana.

It was around 3p.m in the afternoon and had faint hopes reaching Yana the same day. Hence, there was a change in the schedule and we all decided to go to Yana the next day. So, we came to Dhareshwar beach around 3 hours journey from there and stayed there as planned. We pitched up our own tents. It was a totally new experience to me as I had never stayed in tent prior to this trip. It was wonderful. We then played games to enjoy the night-before-new year. We played dog bone or whatever they call that game, disc throw, tug-of-war and also danced for a while and then went to sleep. The tent was quite big an could accomodate around 6 guys. But we had 2 tents made for ourselves and we were 4 each in a tent.

This was DAY-ONE

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chapter Nine

Hmm........ I think many people were waiting for me to write a post. I think my blog is in popular demand... [:-D]....... Hmm........ So, today(Jan17th2007), I am sitting jobless in my seat after a looooooooooong time. Finished all my work and have no other thing to do than to help others in setting up their work. But I am toooooooo lazy to do it.

Last week watched the movie Guru. Now after watching tht movie, I am in a dialemma, that if I start a company, do I need to follow him or not?!!!!!!! I want to be successful, but not at the cost of breaking laws. But who cares, I dont have money to start a company and right now and I think, I am pretty much successful.

Man, this is life......... Getup early, do some exercise, get ready, go to office at 9, work till 8 in the night, go home, watch TV, play with kittens(7 of them) till I sleep, hear some music just before I sleep. This is like a daily schedule which never changes, exept "play with kittens" part. Tht wont be right always (because kittens wont be kittens always). Well I think I regained my PJ narrating capability. I thought I had almost forgot tht talent after my trip to Yana.

Oh. Yana.... I havent said anything about Yana's trip.......... Well I think this will be next post......