Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chapter Ten contd.
Yana Trip Day-Two

We got up at around 6 a.m in the morning. Actually we were forced to wake up at 6 a.m. We had to finish our morning duties near the seashore itself as there were no public toilets nearby. This was fun. We roamed around in search of a place which was quite far from the other person. I know it was quite disgusting, but we couldnt expect anything more from them too.

We were ready at around 8.00 a.m in the morning and as soon as we had our breakfast left for Yana. It was around 60 km from that Dhareshwar. While going to Yana, one of the Buses tyre got punctured and we were forced to walk for around 5 km. We were all tired from the previous day's trek and we were asked to go to Yana by walk, and on top of it, the weather was quite sunny. But i loved to walk in that road. It was quite beautiful with so much greenery around you which you would never think of it while you are in Bangalore. So, after a tiresome walk for around 90 mins, we reached the place. The place simply awestrucked me. I was standing there with my jaws wide open watching the beauty of the rocks. The rock formation from volcanic eruptions just amazed me. Wow!!!! I said. Moved near the rocks to have a closer look. I just stood there stunned lookin at the beauty of the rocks. I watched the rocks in almost all the possible angles but I felt like looking at it. I guess even a lady wont be that beautiful. This is called the beauty of the nature.

We were there till 2o'clock in the afternoon and we left for OM Beach. The coolest place in Karnataka. For those of you who don't know the specialty of OM Beach, then read this - It is a portion of Florida which had been attached to karnataka coast which hosts lots and lots of foreigners year round. Beautiful babes in BIKINIS hang out in hot sun. So, heaven on coast ;-)
As soon as I saw beautiful babes, I took out my camera to shoot the beauties of nature.... But BEEEEEP the camera sounded. Shit!!!!! The battery was low...... Nothing could be done about it. So, I had to only take the photo in my memories.... :-( ...... OK.. Back to the story.....
To remind you the occasion, it was 31st Dec. So, more babes in the beach. We all stood there staring at people and grasping the beauty of nature. ;-) Guys and girls, please dont misunderstand - we were comparing some of the coastal beauties with the beauty of Yana.

Hmm.... We went to a hotel near the seashore and we all had a great meal on the new year's eve. Had a drink and enjoyed the night. But, our happiness and the joy we were having in OM Beach was spoilt by the trip organiser. He had already booked for dinner at a hotel near Dhareshwar Beach and we all were supposed to go there and have our new year celebration in that beach. So, disheartened, we left for Dhareshwar beach. And by the time we reached the hotel, it was 12 a.m. Shit!!!!! Was the reaction. We hugged each other and wished each other feeling dissappointed that we had to leave that pretty place and celebrate the new year in a hotel. Anyways, the new year was welcomed by all of us. We tried to burn the crackers in vain because it refused to lighten up. We boarded the bus at around 12:30 in the night saying goodbye to a memorable trip.

In the journey, we played Dumb Charades and had lots of fun. We reached Bangalore at around 11 a.m. Wished adieu to all the great friends who were so friendly with me, who never reacted with me as a stranger, even though I was a stranger to them, who treated me equally as one among themselves and who are still in contact with me. I really thank them for a wonderful trip.
That was the end of the story.

Thats all folks.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chapter Ten
Yana Trip

As promised, I am writing about my experiences in the Yana trip.

Me and one of my colleague - Karthik who is supposed to a very good friend of mine decided to go to this awesome place. Actually it was Karthik's plan and he was going with his friends. He called me because I was desperate for going out anywhere, anytime, anyhow with anyone. So, off we left to Yana.

On Dec 29th the departure was planned to be around 7:30 p.m from Bangalore. I was in office till 5.30p.m stuck at fixing some Bug. Karthik called me at 5.00 and said tht the departure was preponed to 7.00p.m and I had to rush home leaving the buf unfixed. I still hadnt packed my luggage. Actually I had to buy a travel bag. So, in a hurry, bought a bag for 1000Rs. and stuffed whatever I could find or whatever my mom brought from my cupboard and the packing was done in flat 10 mins. I rushed to Majestic where I had to board the bus. I went there only to find no-one. Karthik had come and was with his friends. They were wonderful people. Very friendly and accepted me as their friend as soon as I met them.

I met Akshay, Nema, Rohit, Raghu, Spoorthi, Poonam, Chaithali and Deepak. All were wonderful people to be with, cheerful, having ready-to-mingle, i-am-friendly-you-dont-worry kind of attitude.

Back to the bus story - We all had come there by around 7:30 and we waited for the bus for a long time. I got to know each of them in the mean time. The bus arrived at 9:30. We had to run around a lot in search of the bus. Actually it was a TT. We boarded the TT and left for Yana. We had a great time in the TT discussing about various things, teasing some of the people, listening to music. We stopped in Sagar at around 5 a.m in the morning. It was a wonderful place but the weather was very chilly. Everybody were shivering in the cold. It was like 10-12 Degrees. We somehow managed to do the morning part of work. I almost drank 5 cups of coffee to come out of the cold weather. Then we saw the 30th Dec sunrise in Sagar and left there by 7 o'clock. Had breakfast near the banks of the river Aghanashini.

Then we left for Unchalli Falls which was around 50 kms from there. We reached there at around 9:30 a.m and after walking for around 1 km, we saw one of the amazing waterfall. It was falling from a height of around 200 feet. It was a gorgeous sight to watch. We then decided to go down to the bottom of the falls. Nobody had any clue of the route which would take us there. So, trusting a guy who showed us a route, we all started trekking. The path which we took was becoming more dangerous as we walked. It was a very steep hill which had a narrow path. Thanks to my Woodlands Shoes, I reached safely after trekking for around 90 mins. After reaching to the bottom, watched a fast flowing river and a very faint sight of the waterfall. I still had to walk for another 30 mins to actually reach the base of the waterfall. But I had no energy left in me. So, played around for some time and at 12 o'clock we had to climb back to reach the TT. This was more difficult than I actually thought. I had to collect all my energy to push the 75kg heavy body of mine. Finally I reached to top after a tiresome trek for 2 hours.

We were all dead tired. Thanks to the corporate world which snatched all our stamina in 6 months time. We got to the top, drank some cool drinks to refresh ourself and after 30mins of rest, we left the place to go to Yana.

It was around 3p.m in the afternoon and had faint hopes reaching Yana the same day. Hence, there was a change in the schedule and we all decided to go to Yana the next day. So, we came to Dhareshwar beach around 3 hours journey from there and stayed there as planned. We pitched up our own tents. It was a totally new experience to me as I had never stayed in tent prior to this trip. It was wonderful. We then played games to enjoy the night-before-new year. We played dog bone or whatever they call that game, disc throw, tug-of-war and also danced for a while and then went to sleep. The tent was quite big an could accomodate around 6 guys. But we had 2 tents made for ourselves and we were 4 each in a tent.

This was DAY-ONE

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chapter Nine

Hmm........ I think many people were waiting for me to write a post. I think my blog is in popular demand... [:-D]....... Hmm........ So, today(Jan17th2007), I am sitting jobless in my seat after a looooooooooong time. Finished all my work and have no other thing to do than to help others in setting up their work. But I am toooooooo lazy to do it.

Last week watched the movie Guru. Now after watching tht movie, I am in a dialemma, that if I start a company, do I need to follow him or not?!!!!!!! I want to be successful, but not at the cost of breaking laws. But who cares, I dont have money to start a company and right now and I think, I am pretty much successful.

Man, this is life......... Getup early, do some exercise, get ready, go to office at 9, work till 8 in the night, go home, watch TV, play with kittens(7 of them) till I sleep, hear some music just before I sleep. This is like a daily schedule which never changes, exept "play with kittens" part. Tht wont be right always (because kittens wont be kittens always). Well I think I regained my PJ narrating capability. I thought I had almost forgot tht talent after my trip to Yana.

Oh. Yana.... I havent said anything about Yana's trip.......... Well I think this will be next post......