Friday, December 22, 2006

Chapter Eight
Me in office

After a long break, I am back to blogging business. I had almost forgot the link to my blog. It happens when you join a company. You dont seem doing anything. Hmm....... The way we were slogging during training. Omg..... I dont even want to think about it. But we had our part of fun. I liked the 2 months of training even though we were made to slog all night, not let to sleep, think of assignments even in dreams. I actually learnt a lot in these 2 months. Met lot of great people, formed good friends.

The training in some XYZ company was very well designed. They had a lot of assignments and made us slog till late midnight. Me and my friends used to stay till late and finish our work, and then explore every part of office and its surroundings. We also had gone to global falls(Our naming convention) after trekking for around 20 mins. Tht was fun. Atlast our training was over and we were given certificates marking up the completion of training programme. We were driven to projects. I currently work for Waltham team, which is supposed to the most profitable team in my company. Guess why?!! because I am working in it. ;-) my team mates are very good. with my team lead having a lot of ethics. I have already started liking my project.