Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chapter 18
What If????

I think I wrote enough about my personal things. In this post, lemme write something totally rubbish, not related to me, nor anyone. Anyways, all my posts are mere rubbish, this one is totally crap. Read at your own risk. Just one of my creations. Here it goes.

The topic of discussion is "What if we had a License for marriage". What would be the situation, and what would be the consequence.

If there was a license for marriage, then we shud stand in a long queue to first of all get that. Do we have to produce address proof, date of birth, marital status confirmation documents(now tht rules and interests are fast changing, there might be need of this too) for that? How will you judge a person for giving the license? What will be in the physical fitness round - whether is he/she capable of handling things in err..... you know what???? And how do they judge it? What would be the ideal age of providing them the license ofcourse?

After somehow aquiring a license, how long is it valid? Do we have to struggle again and again to renew it? How will it be to check each other's license when the bride and groom meet each other. Do they have to carry their license all the way to their honeymoon? Do he and she show their licenses in their honeymoon if something goes wrong? What if the couple decide to go abroad? Do they have to take new licenses again?

This might soon be reality. I say this because you need license to everything in these days, driving needs license, there's license to kill, keeping a pet also needs license. I think if the day comes, I shud file a patent for this idea. As even yoga postures have been patented, why not this.

Thus came to an end of completely rubbish discussion. I know the reader will stop reading my next posts after reading this. Thank you for your invaluable time.