Friday, January 22, 2010


Welcome Back, Anand.I said to myself, to the blogging world. After a year long wait, I finally am back to blogging business. I hope this time, I'll continue writing more regularly. I know that this is a shocker to myself. Also to the people whoever who have subscribed to my post(if at all, any).
Where was I all these days?Well. All these days, I had been very busy and never ever got a chance to sit infront of my computer. Whenever I sat, I either to chat with my friends, or watch movie, or for some processing job for the photos. Hey, forgot to mention. I added a new hobby now to the "Already-so-many-things-but-never-continue" list. I somehow managed to convince my parents for allowing me to buy a DSLR and now I got interested in photography. Coming back to the question - To speak the truth, I really dint have any mood to sit infront of the computer, and keep typing(Read - I had a lazy butt). Hopefully, I shed this off and dedicate more time to the already dust-ridden blog.

Since this is a comeback post, I am sure I cannot make it interesting since I am already feeling rusty due to a very long gap.

For a comeback post, let me write something simple - a small critic post on movie 3 Idiots, which I watched very recently.

1) Kareena/Aamir Khan/Madhavan/Sharmaan Joshi, never looked like a college kids!!!! You shud be blind to call them college kids. Although, Madhavan tried to pull it off by somehow trying to act dumb and not-so-caring about the future. I feel that the casting was pretty sad.
2) I never understood, how in Chatur's room, he was the lone person to stay, but in Aamir's room, there were 3 people. Nobody governs this is it?
3) As usual, the hero of the film gets the last entry but a noticeable entry. (In this case Aamir).
4) We all came to know that Kareena Kapoor was a medical student when Aamir Khan first met her in her sister's wedding reception. Assuming she was of Aamir's age only(in the movie), she knew so much about various diseases(paralysis in the first year itself and about pregnancy in her fourth year). Super cool for a medical student. What say?!!! I think I'll make 3 Idiots part 2 with Kareena Kapoor in the lead.
5) And also, we got to know that she was also engaged before that night. I dint understand the reason why someone waited for 10 years to get married? (Remember, she was about to get married to the same person in the end of the movie).
6) Also dint understand how she could wait for 10 years without getting married. We live in India madam.
7) Vacuum cleaner scene was a disaster. If someone found that to be true, then it would save thousands of rupees in most of the family.

I think, I'll restrict myself to only so many for the comeback post. Hopefully, I would find more time to continue blogging.