Monday, November 24, 2008


I lived in a city called Eindhoven for a month. After living here, I observed quite few things about Dutch people and Dutch culture.
1) Dutch people are very friendly. Say 'Hi' to a stranger, you get the same greeting back. Everyone one here wishes each other, even though they dont know each other. I loved that part a lot. That is according to me is the highlight of Dutch people.
2) Dutch are fitness freaks. I found lot of them jogging/cycling around the city at all times. No matter what the climatic condition is. Infact, almost everyone has a bicycle and most of them travel through that. I too tried to be a Dutchman for a week. Well, then realised, that cycling in the cold weather is not so easy.
3) Dutch people are all charged up when they are excited. Ask any question which they have something to tell, like their recent travel / picnic or about some football game or about their son. You feel really happy when they start explaining. They get charged up easily. But when they are charged up, they dont stop easily. So, be careful :-)
There are some more things to be added. But since there was a post due from a long time, i had to write something :-)

To be continued