Friday, December 22, 2006

Chapter Eight
Me in office

After a long break, I am back to blogging business. I had almost forgot the link to my blog. It happens when you join a company. You dont seem doing anything. Hmm....... The way we were slogging during training. Omg..... I dont even want to think about it. But we had our part of fun. I liked the 2 months of training even though we were made to slog all night, not let to sleep, think of assignments even in dreams. I actually learnt a lot in these 2 months. Met lot of great people, formed good friends.

The training in some XYZ company was very well designed. They had a lot of assignments and made us slog till late midnight. Me and my friends used to stay till late and finish our work, and then explore every part of office and its surroundings. We also had gone to global falls(Our naming convention) after trekking for around 20 mins. Tht was fun. Atlast our training was over and we were given certificates marking up the completion of training programme. We were driven to projects. I currently work for Waltham team, which is supposed to the most profitable team in my company. Guess why?!! because I am working in it. ;-) my team mates are very good. with my team lead having a lot of ethics. I have already started liking my project.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Chapter Seven
College life

"Tumhe aise kitne din yaad hai? Your first job, pehla suit, pehli salary..........", I have many such days which I cant forget. Well I have a long list of that one. Most of them happened in my college life - in the 4 years of engineering. Got to know much about life. What to do, what not to do, whom to be with, whom to be away from. The four years of engineering was a perfect eye-opener to many people according to me. Your eye opens much more though if you have beautiful girls around you. ;-)

There were many days in Engineering itself that comes to my eyes in a flash. Some of them are bitter ones, but there are many great days which overcomes the former. I have to thank two of my best friends who were with me all the time in these 4 years from beginning till end. One is Madhu and the other is Abhi. But this doesnt mean that others arnt my best friends. I have a lot of people who belong to that category and that too in my engineering college itself. Coming to lecturers - the only person whom I have respect in my college is SNF. She has been an excellent person when compared to other lecturers in our college. She was there to listen to any student and she always to tried to solve our problems either personal or general.
Chapter Six
My favorite band - JAL

Jal is a Pakistani rock band founded by Gohar Mumtaz. The band has gained recent success with the songs "Aadat" and "Woh Lamhey". The original band members were Aatif Aslam and Gohar Mumtaz, but later Atif was replaced by Farhan Saeed and Shazi (Aamir) plays the bass guitar. The band is among the first of contemporary Pakistani bands that fuse urdu vocals with modern rock. Currently they are rapidly gaining in popularity and are one of the most popular bands in Asia. Jal's sound primarily falls in the rock/pop genre. Playing along the lines of Latin-Acoustic Guitars, the main emphasis of their music is on the melodies and the lyrical content. Keeping their songs melodious and catchy at the same time the band believes that music is truly the world's universal language capable of bringing our hearts and souls together. A well composed song, personified with honest and heart felt lyrics, which may fall under the genre emo or emotional, and spirited rhythms, will eventually be heard by music enthusiasts all around the world . Owing to its universal appeal Jal's lyrics are a subtle manifestation of emotions expressed in an energetic and harmonious manner. Fueled by the desire to freshen up the pop genre in Pakistan these qualities give Jal's music a very high degree of accessibility both in terms of composition and lyrics in Pakistan. But the controversy surrounding some songs remain questions yet to be answered.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Chapter Five
Most Memorable Day Part 2

Now comes the interesting part. Atlast my turn came. I was called in for the interview. And guess what - that HR whom I spoke to was one of the panel. Now the conversation between me and my Interviewer goes like this. Everything couldnt be included in this...... But I have covered the interestings parts...
Legend: Me - Me ofcourse, Int - Interviewer

Me - Good evening Sir, Good Evening Madam
Int - Tell me about yourself.
(the same old que)
Me - I study in UVCE, CSE. I studied in Florence high school blah blah blah.........
Int - What are your Positive points?
Me - I am a hardworker, a go-getter, a quick learner....
Int - and your negative points??
Me - I expect people around me to work in the same wavelength of mine.
Int - You tell me, who taught you this answer??
Me - Why did you ask this question Sir?
Int - I have listened to many people before this saying this answer.
(Actually one of my friend 'B' had instucted me to say this answer. But he had instructed many people as well. Because I was the last person, I got caught)
Me - No Sir, thts my negative point. there is no one who taught me. If I had to mention one more negative trait is that I am very much diplomatic
Int - Diplomatic? That should be a positive point right?!!!
Me - You shouldnt be diplomatic everytime. There are some situations where a person should be diplomatic
Int - Ok.. Now tell me what do you know about the company? What did you know before the pre-placement talk?
Me - I have heard that it had a great working environment. It has a great working culture and has been awarded as the best employer.
Int - Is that all? Ok tell me Who is the CEO of this company????
(The other HR had told me about the CEO before but I didnt remember his complete name... I was trying to recollect as she stood staring at me for forgetting the CEO's name so soon)
Me - Sorry Sir, I cannot remember his full name.
Int - You are expecting to get into this company and you dont even remember his name.
Me - Sir, I'll get the information.
Int - When?
Me - Now!!!!
Int - And who do you think will give that information?
Me - You!!!!!
Int - I never expected this answer. Suppose you were the interviewer, and somebody says you the same thing, what would you have done?
Me - I wud have given out the answer
Int - (nodding his head in surprise) Ok .. You may leave now.

After a while, the other HR whom I had spoken before called me....
Legend: Me - Me...... HR - that lady

Me: Yes madam, You called me?
HR: Yes... You now tell me seriously, who taught you all those wrong things?
Me - No one madam.... Did you think anyone taught me?
HR - Just asked......... OK.. tell me after giving all those wrong answers, u still expecting to get in???
Me - It is not in my hands madam, you have to judge
HR - No No... Tell me what do you think??
Me - (Like a Big Don answered) When you can get into that company, why cant I?
HR - ok.... You may leave.....

I was very very happy after how the interview went.... I was leaping in joy... I was not at all expecting to get selected after giving those kind of answers, but even then, I dont know why, I was ecstatic.

Later when the results were announced, mine was the first name......................... :-)
Chapter Four
Most Memorable Moment.

This happened in when I was in sixth semester and when I was attending a company's placement programme. Actually the whole day was memorable. Let me give you a briefing about what happened that day.

As usual as every company has, we had to take up a written test. I got through it. The second round was pretty interesting. A GD or Group Discussion. I had never seen how a GD works, and didnt know what exactly to do. Not only me, most of them who attended the placement had to experience for the first time. Well, I was getting nervous, but then 'Di' as we call her, one of my friend, spoke to me and gave me some tips. About how to speak, what to speak, how to start a conversation etc etc etc. She too had got shortlisted for GD though.

Groups were made and guess what - I was put into the same group as hers. Inside the GD hall. Topic given was "Call Centre - Boon or a Bane to the society". There were around 12 members in a group. Puff!!!! started the discussion. I tried collecting some points while they talked. While I was attempting to give my point, somebody else interrupted me and they started talking.. guess what, I only made 2-3 comments in the entire GD. About 'Di', she was an expert in this. I lost hopes in getting through, but guess what I WAS SHORTLISTED again.... 'Di' too got shortlisted as expected.

Now everybody were quite tensed about the interview. Last minute preparations, technical discussions was happening everywhere. Me, strolling araamse he and there. Then met a HR from that company. She was very very very cool. She came near us and relieved some of our tension. She talked to us as though she knew us. Me still waiting for my turn for my interview.
My friends went by, one after the other and I wasnt called at all for the interview. I was the last person to get interviewed that day.

The most important part comes in the next post.
Chapter Three
My Family

Like most of them have(cant generalise to everyone ;-)), I too have a Dad and a Mom. I have a brother -an elder one. He again is in the corporate world. He has been my idol (Is it because my dad always insisted me to walk in his steps or is it because he always wanted to achieve something in life??? I am unable to figure out the reason). I think 2nd option should be correct. What say?

My parents are always there for me in times of joy. In times of crisis too they were there for me, but had to listen to their scoldings first and later they help me out. (Happens in every house right??)

My native place is Surathkal near Mangalore. I hardly go there to meet my Grandmother. Last time I went was in March 2005 I guess. But I like Mangalore. What I dont like is that I feel bored sitting all day long in the old house, restricted to go out to roam around near the forest around our house there.

I wont go into the details about my family. But I think this part is getting boring. Let me finish this here.
Chapter Two
Me - As I see

I am a very friendly guy. Most people have said this too... I like to help people and you know what. I always have a smile on my face even when I am in "not so feeling great" mood. I dont know why?!!!!! As one of my friend says "Aansu ge kheemat unse kya poochthe ho, jo har baat pe rothe hain... Iska kheemat to wohi bata sakhthe hain joh Gham mein bhi hasthe hain"..... I think I belong to this category.....the latter one........... ;-)

As one of the forwards which describes a Arian( I am an Arian) "A parent will find it hard to keep up with the Aries boy; he has tremendous reserves of energy. He usually has a fiery temper and can be dangerous when aroused. He is one of the most dynamic people around. Occasionally his haste will get him into trouble, or even accidents. The Aries teen views life as one long competition, and always struggles to come out on top. This, combined with his impulsiveness, often leads to frustration. He is a born leader and always rushes to take charge. Be it the football team or the local cricket club, you will find him in a position of authority. The Aries lad can be a bit self-centred at times due to his need to have things his way. He is a bit of a pioneer and wants to chart his own career. When presented with a challenge, he will be the first to jump up and accept it. Strength, determination, initiative, energy and courage are his greatest strengths. This boy is certainly going places." Courtesy : Gunda(as we call him)

This is the only mail which has described me perfectly. Atleast 95% is true in this one.

I have a great circle of friends. I have atleast 1000 friends whom I can categorise from Acquaintance to very good friends. But only a handful of them have made it into "best friend" category. I am blessed to have such friends.
Chapter One
My Introduction

For those of you who want to know about me, I have updated my profile. For those of you, who want to know more about me, there is my e-mail ID, you can feel free to mail me. For those of you who want to know much more about me, I have given my IM ID - you can add me anytime.For those of you who want much much more details-Sorry, I cant give my address and phone number. I have taken so much loan and am worried about the lenders...... ;-)

Well, actually there is nothing interesting about me to say..... But I will make a serious attempt in making this blog interesting....... One more thing to say about myself is that I dont have a great English. Grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, kindly adjust. So, I request you to make some assumptions to proceed forward if you are stuck up somewhere.

Coming to my introduction - I was born and brought-up in Bangalore. Studied in Florence School in Basaveshwaranagar, PU in KLE and Engineering in University Visweshwaraiah College of Engineering. After 18 years of struggle and hardships, sincere dedication and hardwork, (18 years - right from pre-nursery to completion of my engineering), I have a graduation certificate in my hand. I have been an above average student all of my life, managing above distinction somehow till now. Have no plans for future studies right now........ Hoping not to have one in future either.... This was a brief about my educational background.

About my profession, you would have guessed it by now... A Engineer, in Bangalore, what else can it be right?!!!!!! I have not yet stepped into it, but will be doing it soon.

Entering into the corporate world - a boring world as people say. A little tensed about what would happen to a tiny personality like mine when compared to the massively growing world(technology-wise).

Friday, August 4, 2006

The Epic begins.................................................

Today i.e., 5th of August is a day to remember in the world's history. From today onwards, a new name is arising, a new epic is about to begin, a journey of a person to save the world from the clutches of greed and dishonesty is about to begin, a trip around the world to unravel the angels from daemons is about to begin.............

Sorry, I forgot to warn you people, "This blog was brought to you by spicy telecom. In association with Gipsi, Poka Bala, Bilips, YelGee, SeeMen's, and Media Partners Clocks of India, Indian wrong times."

"All characters in this blog is purely fictious and resemblance with person live or dead is purely co-incidential". "Viewers Discretion Required... Parental guidance necessary"........."Mutual funds are a subject matter of solicition, please read the offer documents carefully before investing"

Hey - where did this come from??? (me in confused state)

Anyways forget that............

I have warned you enough..... Back to the introduction

Well... I know that after such a introduction, everybody(refers to readers - if at all someone reads my blog) is not at all thinking that I am narrating my story. Did you ever guess that??? I guess not..... Right?!!!!!! ;-)

From today onwards I will be scripting my story in this blog. This was a trailer......... Hope I enjoy writing......