Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ananda Yenanda

This term has been irritating me for ages till now. After watching the above word as alias name of my blog in one of my friends blog, thought of writing a blog on the same. Totally irrelevent and totally uncalled for. Whoever invented this great saying which is totally meaningless is the greatest innovator i have seen i guess. Since this slang has been there for ages and i think it will stay as long as Kannada language stays or till my name stays. There are lot of better alternatives for the same beginning but people always chose the bad ones as usual
Some of the alternatives what i can suggest is
1. Ananda yenanda, naane maharaaja anda
2. Ananda yenanda, neene guru Nityananda.
3. Ananda yenanda, gulab jamoon paramaananda
4. Ananda yenanda, mitai na kodu anda.
5. Ananda yenanda, muttidare muni anda.
6. Ananda yenanda, kunidu kunidu baa anda
7. Ananda yenanda, dum iddre gellu anda

See, within no time i could think of so many options, but people had to choose the worst option.
Hopefully by looking at the blog, a creative good line comes up which could make people forget the one which they are using now.


Prabhu said...

Why is there no title for your posts??

Thejasree said...

ananda Yenanda, sumne idhre chanda.. :P

Bharath R S said...

maga inna worst agi iro line galu hako :D