Thursday, June 10, 2010


The day has finally come for the world's best entertaining sport. People had actually started preparing themselves with the gadgets to see their best team running through the tournament. With big names playing this world cup and with the number of fans supporting a country to be almost equal, this tournament will definitely be worth the wait. Many sports bars are already thronged by huge number of fans, and the LCD TV sales going high up, the fans are prepared well enough for the excitement. We can see many kids playing football instead of the usual staple sport(cricket). People at office already started sledging one another in defense of their favorite football teams. All due to one major event - FIFA WORLD CUP 2010.

Even though not being a hard-core fan of football, I actually am very excited about this event. I never used to follow any major leagues or not even had heard of many names in football. But now due to the much created hype about this tournament, I have started collecting information about major football teams and football sport personalities. In this process, I watched few clips of the "footballer of the year" holder Lionel Messi and instantly became a fan of his skills. And thus I became a supporter of Argentinian football team. Even though the dates are clashing with the equally exciting Wimbledon, I dont think Wimbledon stands a chance to minimize the viewership from the major event. World cup is the talk of the town and even the people who have never played any games in their lifetime are excited enough to know about the proceedings. Such is the power of this game.

Will this event live upto the expectation and the hype which is buzzing around everywhere? Yes, I think so. Dont you?!!!

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Bharath R S said...

wha wha! now I guess u know all the major teams! btw ur dutch team lost to Spain :P!

btw you play like Maradona dude :D